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Who We Are


At Grenville Farms, we grow high-quality organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  Our mission is to grow clean and healthy food and promote the well-being in others and of the planet.. We do this by offering the best produce we can grow and selling it to amazing people.


We (Dianne and Dan) are the hearts and hands behind Grenville Farms, our family farm in the heart of cottage country, Muskoka Ontario.


Dianne is a back to the lander of the 1970s. She turned in a career as a geologist to buy the farm.  She has been growing organic vegetables and raising sheep on the farm for over 35 years.


Dan is gradually taking over the family business. Recently back at the farm after a 10 year absence to pursue a post secondary education and an attempt at a non farming life. Dan is working towards implementing some new farming techniques and start a CSA (weekly food box).  

We are Organic farmers who focus on growing the best tasting food possible! We specialize in mixed vegetables and starting in 2015 will be offering cut flowers.


We choose varieties to grow that we think are the most flavourful, most beautiful, and most exciting. Many of our varieties come in unusual colours and shapes that you are unlikely to find in any grocery store. Our produce is harvested by hand with love to nourish you and your family.




Our goals are:

  • To provide a diverse selection of vibrant and delicious vegetables  to our community through local farmers’ markets, restaurants, health food/retail stores and our CSA.

  • Use sustainable and health-promoting farming practices which include organic, bee-friendly farming, wildlife and biodiversity preservation, nutrient-dense farming, with the goal of enhancing soil health.

  • Contribute to the health and well-being of our community by empowering conscious eaters with sustainable and nourishing food choices and connections to their local food and farm system.





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